Tiny packages for mental health happiness

When people you care about are having a hard time, you want them to know how much you care. When people are going through hard times, it means a lot to show empathy and understanding, and putting together a mental health care package is one of the most compassionate things you can do. There are certain Tiny packages for mental health happiness.

The most helpful and supportive mental health care packages are full of things that make a real difference, help them deal with their worries and concerns, and put self-care at the top of their list. Read on for our blog post about the most meaningful, useful, comforting, and helpful things you can put in a mental health care package to help someone get through the darkness and find the light again.

1. Things I Want You To Know When Everything Feels Terrible – Fill In The Love Journal

When you’re having a hard time, the words of a loved one can make all the difference. This cute fill-in-the-blank journal has a lot of different prompts that you can change and fill out yourself. You can fill it with your own words of wisdom, meaningful stories, and lots of encouragement.

Some of the questions are, “You are the ____ person I know,” and “Nothing can change how ____ you are.” It’s a thoughtful gift that will be the highlight of any care package. The lucky person who gets it can look at it, again and again, to remember how much love they have.

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When you’re having trouble, you want to talk to someone who really “gets it,” and believe me, we do. We made a deck of cards called “Remindful” that has 50 comforting. These are also helpful reminders to help you take care of your mental health when things aren’t going well. Each of the colorful cards is written to make you feel seen and understood, and they come with a little stand so you can show off your favorites.


It’s nice to include something in a care package that the recipient can open right away and enjoy, and Airdoh is just the thing for that. Airdoh is aromatherapy dough that you can shape.

When you shape it in your hands, an aromatherapy scent comes out. It combines the tactile play of a fidget toy or stress ball with the calming scent of aromatherapy. So you get the benefits of both. It’s a great way to calm down when you’re feeling panicked or anxious. Because it gives you something to focus on while the blend of essential oils calms you down gently.


During hard times, it’s not always easy to stay positive, so it’s good to have a little help. Our rainbow-themed See the Good notepad has five prompts that are based on well-known psychological tools that have been shown to help people think more positively. This is a nice one to do at the end of the day so you can think about all the good things you may have missed.


All of the items on the list were chosen because they are what we recommend for a mental health care package. They are not meant to replace more in-depth medical treatments.