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1st Medical Pain Rehab Center is dedicated to individualized Chronic Pain Care and Mental Health Wellness. We offer a Compassionate and Confidential approach to treatment of the whole being. We dream of the 1st Medical Pain Rehab Center being accessed by everyone 24/7. This will decrease relapse in symptoms and treatment.

We are an integrated practice with strong Affirmation Medical and Mental Health Care comes FIRST for our 1st Medical Family.

1st Medical Pain Rehab is a caring facility.

We incorporate Medical Evaluation, Comprehensive Diagnostic, Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation, Psychopharmacology and Psychotherapy. In the comfort and privacy of your own home you can be evaluated via video or phone.

We are now Accepting New Patients insured, underinsured and self funded. We Pledge to provide Care regardless of economic challenges and cultural Sensitivities.

Our Team

Our Dedicated Treatment Family

1st Medical Pain Rehab Treatment team has over 60 years of Clinical Experience in Mental Health.

  1. Corroborating/Psychiatrist Director-Over 10 years of Clinical, Research and Teaching with niche in Mental Health and Addiction Disorders.
  2. Depression Screening Physician Assistant-Over 2O years Clinical Experience in Primary Care, Occupational Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, Correctional Medicine, Chronic Pain Care and Addiction.
  3. Licensed Psychiatric NP’s-Over 15 yrs combined in Clinical Mental Health Care.
  4. Licensed Social Worker- Over 40 yrs in Clinical Experience inpatient,outpatient and sole practitioner.
Let us care for you at 1st Medical Pain Rehab Center


Expand your career at 1st medical pain rehab center

1st Medical Pain Rehab is in search of Extremely Passionate Individuals with deep understanding and experience in Mental Health and Addiction Medicine.  We are Welcoming Ambassadors to Advocate for  Mental Health Accessibility, Cultural Sensitivity, Mental Health Disparity and Addiction Coach. If this is of interest to you and you are Licensed in Maryland please apply. Future Candidates to be included in our 1st Medical Family include but not limited to ; Psychiatrists, PAs, Psychiatry NPs, Counselors, Social Workers, Psychologists and Patient Co-ordinators and Assistants.


    ADHD is not clumsiness

    ADHD is a real medical disorder that can cause focus, self-control, and organization problems. ADHD is not laziness or clumsiness. People with ADHD often have trouble completing tasks, following directions, and keeping track of belongings. They may also seem fidgety, talk too much, or constantly move. ADHD can make it hard to succeed in school …

    Contact Us

    Confidential Voicemail 301-715-8960

    Appointments 410-956-6800


    Insurances Accepted
    Medicare, Medicaid, BCBS/CareFirst, Aetna, UHC, Megellan and Self Funding with Sliding Scale.

    Resources in Maryland

    Medical/Mental Health Crisis Dial 911

    Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

    Domestic Violence Lifeline 1-800-799-SAFE(7233)

    Food Insecurity Dial 211

    Mobile Crisis Dial 211